Green Lantern roller coaster could return to service within weeks

By 31 October 2015 No Comments

Investigators have released their findings on the March incident where one of the Green Lantern’s roller coaster cars was left dangling in midair after debris fell from the carriage.

Riders became trapped on the ride when the train’s right wheel assemblies detached from the track. Various debris fell, including two sets of wheels.

Investigators can now confirm that the failure occurred due to a bolted joint in the wheel assembly itself, and that a design flaw with the wheel system was to blame.

A spokesperson confirmed that Movie World followed all recommended maintenance procedures passed down from the manufacturer, and that there was really nothing Movie World could have done to prevent the failure from occurring.

Additional safety features have since been added to the ride, including strengthening the undercarriage and extra bolts added as a further fail-safe measure.

Movie World also sought independent engineering testing following the changes, and thorough reliability testing was completed by the park.

Brisbane Times has since reported that a spokesperson for Movie World has said that the ride could return to service within the next two weeks.

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