Ninth annual Fright Nights officially kicks off at Movie World

By 3 October 2015 No Comments

The start of October can only mean one thing — it’s time for Fright Nights! Here’s a look at what Fright Night at Movie World has on offer for us this year.

Fright Nights fans will be glad to know that Movie World has introduced two new mazes to its lineup — with the first being themed to the extremely popular Friday the 13th movie franchise, while the other is based on the Australian zombie flick, Wyrmwood.

In previous years, Movie World focused on having one or two “main” mazes extensively themed and branded to a popular franchise, while the other mazes were almost always generically themed and of various quality and duration.

However, this year Movie World has reintroduced two of last year’s “A-grade” mazes — the Wolf Creek 2 Maze and the Evil Within Maze — meaning that all four of this year’s mazes will be of similar quality and definitely a step-up from previous years’ offerings.

Movie World has also concentrated its efforts on making the park feel more vibrant and hopefully eliminating “dead spots” by introducing four extensively themed scare precincts — including a precinct based on the popular movie Zombieland.

The three other precincts scattered around the park are the Freaks Precinct, the Demons Lair and Gothic Hall.

Guests who are after something different can also try the park’s new “panic rooms”, where they with a group of friends have 20 minutes to escape the room or risk death trying.

The panic rooms are $79.99 per group, with rooms accommodating groups ranging from two to four people.

There is also a Friday the 13th 4D movie showing in the Roxy Theatre, as well as a horror film festival showing in the Stunt Show arena.

Tickets for Fright Nights are available from Movie World’s website. We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advanced as this event almost always sells out early.

Photo: Warner Bros. Movie World