Movie World tipped to receive world class roller coaster in 2016

By 22 November 2015 2 Comments

Warner Bros. Movie World is looking like it will receive a new world class roller coaster next year, with comments made during a recent shareholders meeting suggesting that an official announcement could take place within months.

During its annual shareholders meeting held last Thursday, Village Roadshow co-chairman Robert Kirby even went as far as saying that the attraction would be “one of the world’s best theme park drawcards”.

“We continue to invest in our theme parks, constantly refreshing our special events and attractions to ensure we maintain our premium position and give people a new reason to visit,” Mr Kirby went on to say.

It should be noted that Village Roadshow remained tight-lipped about what exactly they meant when they said “attraction” — because the words “roller coaster” were never actually muttered by anyone at the shareholders meeting.

However, it was discovered soon after that a development application had been very recently submitted to the Gold Coast City Council for a roller coaster at either Movie World or Wet’n’Wild.

The application was subsequently approved by Council.

While Movie World and Wet’n’Wild share the same lot location in terms of Council applications, it seems unlikely that Wet’n’Wild would be receiving another roller coaster any time soon (after all, it’s a water park).

So that begs the question: What is Movie World planning to add in 2016? While no other details are known at this stage, we are VERY interested at seeing how this one plays out.

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