Virtual reality roller coasters heading to the Gold Coast

By 20 September 2016 No Comments

Two Gold Coast theme parks — Dreamworld and Movie World — are in the process of trialing new virtual reality headsets in a bid to up the ante on some of their older roller coasters.

Movie World was the first park to announce its intention of getting VR, where back in June revealed it was planning to add the virtual reality experience as an up-charge option for its Arkham Asylum roller coaster.

The park began trialing the new headsets earlier this week, where guests were randomly selected to take part in the technical trials.

Following closely behind, Dreamworld today revealed that trials for the new VR headsets have begun on Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, which will see guests randomly selected to take part in trying the new technology.

Both Dreamworld and Movie World have not yet revealed when the official product option will launch, and how much it will cost.