Dreamworld to re-open Log Ride once investigations complete

By 19 April 2016 No Comments

Great news! Dreamworld has confirmed that it intends to re-open its iconic Rocky Hollow Log Ride as soon as investigations into a recent incident involving a guest being injured are complete.

It is not clear how the young male adult fell from the ride last Sunday afternoon, but he was treated on site by Dreamworld medical staff until the Queensland Ambulance Service arrived.

The guest was then transported to a local hospital.

“Our thoughts and concerns at this time are with the young man whom we understand is recovering in hospital,” said Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson.

“Guest safety has always been, and remains Dreamworld’s number one priority and we have a standard process that we follow to ensure any incident is investigated thoroughly.”

“The Log Ride is a long time family favourite at Dreamworld and in the 34 years since it opened, this is the first time we have had an incident of this kind.”

“We look forward to re-opening the ride again in the near future.”